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game dev projects

Using Construct 3 (WIZIWIG game editor on built on Javascript)

Custom Document Print

API + PHP + JS + jQuery + JmesPath

Google sheets

API’s, Google’s QUERY and oh, yeah Spreadsheets ;D

avid reader

(self) taught by the greatest minds
Curious, inquirer

The world is full of curious things. Today I discovered humans have fin-like flaps on their heads. Sure, you may call them ears, and they may be completely normal, but I dare you to look at your ears as if you've never seen a human before. (I told you.. they look like fins ;)

I like to watch things being built. When I start to think about industries I have worked in, and their complexity (even if they seem simple), my mind wonders to the more complex things that we as a species have built. It really does blow my mind. (If you make things, and you're reading this, I would love to see your work and processes! I'm serious, get in touch with the contact form below :)

  • Curious

    about the world around us

  • Persistent

    in growth and learning

  • creative,

    and open minded

  • seeking

    growth and new opportunity


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Justin Miller

IT Manager
Soon to be software developer.


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